Portrait Artist
Portrait Artist
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Vânia Colaço

Portrait artist based in Madrid, Spain.

I am a figurative portrait artist from Portugal, at the moment based in Madrid,Spain. I came to Madrid in 2007, primarily to experience a different culture. That move inspired me to further pursue the representation of the human expression in portraiture.

I love to study human expresions and faces. People, the passage of time, the cycles of life and death, are reoccurring elements in my work. Music and Art along with my love of old school painters and ilustration try to find their way into my art.

Currently, I am working primarily on portraits done with  colored pencils. I’m on the pursuit of my own expresion of contemporary realism. Thank you for your interest


I’m a designer, a creator and communicator at heart. I aim to reach people with a visual message to connect with a product or service enhancing their experience of the product or brand.


My artwork is done with traditional materials and techniques. Unless the briefing or certain effect is desired that can only be achieved or requires me to have a digital aproach or digital tools usage.

creative painting

I’m allways trying to improve my artwork trough experimenting materials and techniques. Allthough i naturally incline to pursue a realistic style, inspired by human emotion.

My Artwork

Creative artist based in Madrid, Spain.