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Commission Custom Portrait Art is one of the most requested art forms. For me, creating realistic human portraits is one of my favorite types of work. Also, a great way to expand my technique and explore emotion. For the client, is often a celebration of a person or memory brought to life.


An original work of fine art, custom hand-made specifically for you to enjoy. I am often asked to do personalized portraits as a way to bring the most special memories to life. Commission work can enhance your home decor to a new level. Some of these pieces became heirlooms treasured for generations.

Custom portraits are celebrations of life or the life of someone you love. Sometimes in form of tribute to those who have passed away. Or a celebration of those newly born. I enjoy recreating these personal memories.


I am asked this question many times across my social media and email. It is important to know the cost. But to understand the cost we should also discuss VALUE.

Most people recognize the significance. We are talking of custom painting or portrait. How priceless it is to give a gift or get for yourself such an enduring token. You can have many reasons to commission a custom portrait but one may be how much it will cost you financially. In a short answer, portrait prices start at 150€. The most common answer will be it depends on a lot of factors.


The price will depend on many factors. Where the artist is at in their career, style, and process. Watercolor for instance is of more immediate effect, and the artist can be the work in one sitting. As for an oil painter it could take multiple weeks to complete it. It also depends on the size. At the end of the day, custom artwork is one of those things where it is best to let your heart (not wallet) decide.

  • Number of subjects (People):

The more time it takes, the more it will cost. A portrait of one takes less time and will cost less than a portrait of 10.

  • Size & material:

Usually, the artist chooses the material to work on. Often it’s tied with the type of material. At the moment I am only interested in working with colored pencils and pastels. Typically, that  can have restraints regarding the size and detail I can go for. Additionally, materials such as oil are more expensive than acrylic and watercolor, which I am not currently exploring.

  •  Detail of the painting: 

The greater the detail, the more expensive a painting will be. Hyper-realism can take a lot of time and detail. Realism or figurative can take a bit less detail. As you can imagine, more detail translates to more time, which brings up the price. Be specific in how much detail you do or don’t want in a painting, so the artist can respond with an accurate price. We can talk about your expectations for the work.

  •  Experience of the artist:

You can expect that the price of artwork goes up with the number of years of experience of the artist. Developing skills takes time, patience, and discipline. Overall that is what you are paying for. It’s expected to pay more for more experienced artists.


I would love for you to contact me, and I will gladly explain my process.


Although I have a general pricing table, I prefer to talk to the client. Understanding a person’s expectations and desires is important in achieving a successful outcome. I am confident that together we can take the right steps in getting you a piece of art you will cherish forever.

Thank you for reading!


If you like to commission me to do a piece in colored pencil, you can reach me with the contact form here.
Thank you for your interest!

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