junio 24, 2019 Vania Colaco

Cristina Branco – Meet & Greet

Cristina Branco - Meet & Greet

On the 22nd June 2019,  i finally had the chance to meet & greet @cristinabrancoficial after her amazing show in @festivalfadomadrid

she was so kind to sign my 2018 portrait of her ? it was lovely to chat for a bit about music and art. I fell really gratefull and blessed. Like if i wasn’t a fan before. thank you so much for a wonderful show and this special moment that i’ll cherish forever. ❤ Muito obrigada

The reference is from the album “Branco” artwork cover from a photo by Joana Linda @ghosts.on.film
You can see the portait  from 2018 in the portfolio section  here.

If would like to know how this amazing concert played out, check the coverage by “No Solo Fado” Magazine here.

The 2018 Series

This drawing is part of a 2018 exploration of pastels combined with colored pencils. I mixed several materials to get a poster like feel with a touch of the glosiness of old school pin ups styles.

Other portaits from this 2018 series were:
Princess Leia
Frida Kahlo