Princess Leia

Vânia Colaço | 2018 | Colour Pencil, Soft pastel on Canson Paper

Princess Leia – Tribute

Allways the fan of the original Star Wars, that shaped so much of my love for sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Of course Princess Leia was my favorite character. As a young girl she came across so different of what i thouhgt a princess was. Come on she did everything the boys did.

Princess Leia was the ultimate expression of strength and empowerment for women.

No better pairing for this character than the powerhouse personality of Carrie Fischer, another role model in her own right.

This is my tribute to both the actress and the character.

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    Princess Leia - Spring is a Revolution

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  • Technic:

    Color Pencil, Soft pastel on Pastel Paper

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