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Review Faber-Castell classic pencil:

My favourite color pencil is without a doubt the Faber-Castell Polychromos but I still like to try other art materials.

If you are into art you must have heard of Faber-Castell. And if you are a colored pencil lover like me, you used their pencils at some point.
I really love the Faber Castell Polychromos pencil. They are the brands profesional artist grade pencil and you can read about them here.
I’m not looking to replace them. But rather try other pencils from the brand and give my honest review.

The Faber Castell Classic Colour is aimed towards kids and art theraphy adults. The largest set is 60, smaller sets are 12, 24, 36 and 48. I got to try the 60 set that’s a special edition set and comes in a cardboard box, with a special holder that folds into a square and can be placed vertically for an easier selection.


In this case, the review has four parts: GOOD, NOT SO GOOD, OVERALL and THE ART.


To ilustrate the range of colors, I did an eye drawing (shown above).


✏ Was quite surprised by the amount of pigment.
✏ Strong, Sturdy pencil, the core doesn’t break easily.
✏ The hexagonal barrel keeps the pencils from “running” way from your desk.
✏ The wood is obviously a bit inferior than the Polychromos but they Sharpened well with no flaws.
✏ Practical lightweight packaging. Very affordable Sets.


Used to seing the color names printed on the pencil and these only have numbers. In this case, the swatching chart I made helped.
Less blending and layering than Polychromos as you would expect, but still holds a quite bit.
They probably aren’t lightfast, then again these aren’t profesional range.


As I have said, I am very surprised with the quality I found for this Price range.
🌟If you are looking for a entry-level set these are a very affordable option for the whole family or to get started with art theraphy.
🌟 Could also be used with marker underlayers for practicing manga drawing. (Since most of the markers aren’t artist grade anyways)
🌟As with all Faber-Castell Wood products, for each tree used another one is planted in it’s place. That is really awesome.
We all want a professional set of polychromos, but it’s true that these are for the all the family. As well as, the hobbist manga/Anime artist, and adult coloring enthusiast.
In conclusion, I enjoyed this experience. To review Faber-Castell classic pencil and trying products I don’t usually use. Hope you guys did too.

Thank you for reading!


If you like to commission me to do a piece in colored pencil, you can reach me with the contact form here.
Thank you for your interest!

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