Why Fan Art?

Why Fan Art? Creating Fan Art can be a fun way to hone your skills, show new work, and gain attention. It’s not my main objective to have it be the core of my work but for now, it serves a purpose. Here is my story.

For more than a decade my focus was my work and carer as a designer and marketeer. Working for clients and serving my creative perspective to commercial briefings was my goal.
But the final work and vision were that of the client. Sometimes you do the work but do not feel your creative outlet is fulfilled. Often you go through the motions and deliver the work without having fun. Do not get me wrong we all do it sometimes. But having fun is vital for the creative side of design work. That is where personal work comes in and balances the scale.


I have an extensive background in art. My art-making was pushed to the side for nearly a decade to make way for a design carer. So, it was very organic the need to draw traditionally again. My favorite subject was always portraiture. It was the moment to carve the time to resume it. Creating personal work is a gateway to discovery and learning new skills through fun practice.


I joined Instagram just to browse around. I did not expect it to be such a fulfilling platform for us visual types. Was amazed at the quality of professional artists in your reach. You could see amazing artwork from all over the world. At the same time, it could be overwhelming because you cannot see it all. I was especially taken with the portrait artists.

And because Social Media is pretty much a young person game, I saw the droves of young artists that led the FAN ART TRENDS. They were making beautiful art from the desk in their bedrooms with such realistic results. So colorful and fun. They certainly got my attention.


Nothing says community like Fandom. And everyone is a part of some type of fandom. Whether a tv show, a movie, a book, or a band, people love to see their beloved characters in unexpected ways. They will stop scrolling when they see something they like or recognize or feel connected to. You could gain a follower or make a meaningful connection. Some of them weren’t only from fans of the subject but also from fellow fan artist’s community. It was very fulfilling and unexpected to find such an open and embracing community.


My personal space is filled with my love of drawing and music. One of my main hobbies was going to live shows. It is such a release and it feels me with a dopamine rush. It fuels my creative side in so many ways. So it seemed that Fan Art of Music Icons was the perfect way to practice and hone my skills while learning and developing my style in a fun relatable way.


Since Social Media is a means to gain attention,  FAN ART became a way to connect to people and show them, in my way and style, how I view a subject that they may instantly recognize. It serves me as means of connection to a community I have come to appreciate and love. But it was never my main objective to have it be the core of my work but it serves a purpose.

I will continue to do it as long it is fun for me and presents itself as an opportunity to be a fulfilling creative outlet. There’s a time and a place for everything. In the future, I would like to balance it with more personal and original work. In all my projects I try to show the same level of passion and commitment. The enjoyment of the creative process must show and attract people that appreciate my style and my work. And with the shared common grounds of love for music and art, things come full circle beautifully.

Thank you for reading!


If you like to commission me to do a custom fan art piece,  you can contact me.
Thank you for your interest!

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